Researching grocery delivery, we learned a lot about America

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When we set out on our journey in 2019 to put groceries on autopilot, our first step was obvious: talk to the people who needed healthy, delicious food to appear magically at home while they led their busy lives.

Through these conversations, we learned a lot about America, and the things people do to keep themselves, their families, and their careers, running smoothly day after day.

Delegation is the key to success—especially in the home

Despite all the differences between the people we talked with, one thing came through loud and clear: we all have too much to do, which makes delegation critical for success in all facets of daily life.

Take, for example, the Silicon Valley Mom CEO who went viral for posting a 1,000-word job ad for help. In it, we saw a first-hand depiction of the life of a busy mother whose mental and physical workload is almost unbelievable. The story was popular because it seemed out of the ordinary: our research suggests that, from tech executives to librarians to lawyers, it’s anything but. Then the COVID-19 pandemic came along to make things even more difficult.

When we asked some of our customers how they juggle everything in their lives, we saw ingenuity and a lot of work. “I write the dinner options for the week on a whiteboard,” one person told us, “so when I get home at 7:00 p.m. or later, my partner can have already started making something: otherwise, he and the kids are waiting, and all of us are eating really late, or we’re panicking and ordering pizza.”

When meal planning met automated grocery shopping

According to others, it was all about Sunday meal planning; one person even suggested running agile sprints to review all the stuff the family could get done during the week. Food, of course, was a big sticking point.

Instacart, Amazon Fresh, and Blue Apron all help us avoid a trip to the store. We’ve come a long, long way in the last decade, and those types of services have revolutionized the way families shop. But, talking to the first people using Jupiter, we saw that people craved something a little more than merely the convenience of home delivery.

And that little something more is precious: the opportunity not to think. To put it another way, existing grocery delivery services shift time — they replace physical grocery trips with online ordering. But they don’t necessarily give back what the research suggests Americans really need: seamless meal planning and grocery replenishment that happens with a minimal amount of effort.

Reduce your mental load with Jupiter

Based on that epiphany, we’ve built the first system to bring you personalized meal planning and groceries on autopilot. With Jupiter, you can save your favorite recipes and shop them with one click again and again. You can also receive prompts to restock your pantry with your staples or subscribe to receive a delivery of those foods automatically — all with no planning on the customer’s part.

We’ve done a lot of listening. Now, we hope we can give busy families — and there are a lot of them! — the gift of time. Get the scoop at

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