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Announcing Jupiter Lite, your free sustainable meal planning resource from your friends at

Jupiter launched with the otherworldly goal of creating a service that provides groceries on autopilot and meal planning with endless possibilities. To date, the ever-growing community of users in the Bay Area has helped us learn, grow and curate the type of service that seamlessly integrates into the lives of thousands.

Today, we launch our meal planning service to the rest of the world in the form of Jupiter Lite. Jupiter Lite embodies these same core values of sustainability, convenience, and reliability without grocery delivery, free of cost! Lite users gain unprecedented access to our archive of thousands of recipes and meals to suit any diet needs.

How to Get Started with Jupiter Lite

When signing up for Jupiter Lite, we personalize your selection based on a simple survey of your preferences. Knowing everything from the size of your household to whether you prefer or dislike a vegetable is vital to the custom curation of the recipes you receive.

You’ll be able to add your favorite recipes to your cart to automatically compile your shopping list. Your compiled list of ingredients isis then emailed to you weekly on a day of your choosing. Just like that, knowing what to eat for the week, and what you need to make it—half the battle is done!

Why is Jupiter giving away Jupiter Lite?

While interested users outside of the Bay Area await our operational expansion to their city, we want people everywhere to be able to use Jupiter to streamline their healthy eating regardless of their zip code. We give Lite users the ability to organize their favorite recipes and manage their weekly meal prep activities on a single platform.

Recipe recommendations are regenerated each week to keep your meal plan fun and exciting without the fuss. Are you (or your family’s pickiest eaters) a stickler for consistency? Simply add your saved recipes to your meal plan to continue enjoying your new favorites.

Get started today by creating your Jupiter Lite profile.

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