Welcome to Healthy, Personalized Meal Planning and Sustainable Grocery Delivery

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The Jupiter community has so many inspiring ideas for more sustainable meal planning and making healthy eating quick and easy.

In the two years since we founded Jupiter, we've learned a lot about how the Bay Area eats. And frankly, it's one of the big things that makes us stand out from other places.

While we love the convenience of meal kits and takeout, we're also a community of conscious eaters. We want to know where our produce comes from, how it’s affecting the environment it grows in, and enjoy a quick but healthy home-cooked meal. In short, we want a connection with our food itself, and to know we are making smart, sustainable choices. And throwing away a ton of individual packaging with every meal doesn't really fit that bill.

But meal planning from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming. Not to mention running from store-to-store when you need specialty ingredients and big box store staples.

That's why we built a meal planning tool that allows you to discover recipes, save your favorites and add their ingredients to your weekly grocery delivery — alongside your regular pantry staples — with a single click.

What You Can Expect From the Jupiter Blog

With the blog, we're able to take things a step further. We have an opportunity to showcase time-saving products and techniques from our partners. We can share meal plans that address many common dietary concerns—and make them shoppable.

If you are looking for meal planning inspiration, sustainable food and living tips, and ideas for making healthy eating a whole lot easier, you've come to the right place. We hope the Jupiter blog becomes your new favorite go-to for:

  • Meal planning tips and tutorials to satisfy everyone from picky teenagers to family members with special dietary needs
  • Virtual cooking classes that bring delicious new techniques right into your kitchen
  • Seasonal recipes that make the most of the Bay Area's spectacular regional producers — with ingredients you can add to your online shopping cart with a single click
  • Bay Area food trends and the dieticians and chefs behind them — including our customers
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at how your favorite farmers, chefs, and food producers cultivate their sustainable and delicious offerings
  • Resources for more sustainable living, cooking, and eating

Join the Jupiter Community

But we can't do all this without you. We want this blog to be a touchpoint for building a community around sustainable food. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you don't miss a blog post. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and let us know what we should be shining a spotlight on here and through our social channels, using the #MyJupiter hashtag.

At Jupiter, we are on a mission to create magical food experiences on a system that sustains our world. Our app puts meal planning and grocery deliveries on autopilot to make your everyday eating as easy as meal kit delivery, without the trade-offs.

If you aren't already a member, check us out.

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