We make sure you never run out of your essentials, and help you figure out what's for dinner all week.


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Let’s face it, meal planning 
can be a lot.

It takes a lot of time and effort figuring out what to feed your family and keeping the cupboard stocked with essentials. Couple this with food waste guilt, or pivoting when life throws you a curveball, and you’ve got a recipe for too much.

Jupiter’s got it down 
to a science

With Jupiter, you can count on having the food you need for the week without having to think about it. Simply put, when you know your groceries are on autopilot, you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Add a better grocery shopping experience to your list

Grocery stores are inconvenient and have long lines. Meal kits don't provide grocery delivery. And other shopping services don't keep track of your kitchen inventory, or provide recipes and inspiration.

Jupiter does it all!


Here's what to expect

More headspace and time for the things that matter

You do you. We’ll help you personalize meal plans that fit your life, and your taste.

Less food waste and one less thing on your plate

Never run out of staples and always have just the right amount of what you need when you need it with  Autopilot and Smart Pantry.

Food that meets you where you are

Groceries aren’t one-size-fits-all. Jupiter adjusts to your individual preferences and offers recipe inspiration so you can feel excited about mealtimes again.

Our customers love us to the moons!



Common questions

How is Jupiter different from services like Instacart or Sunbasket?

Jupiter is not just a grocery delivery company or a meal kit service – it’s both! With Jupiter you can shop by aisle, or plan your week by meal, using the hundreds of recipes in our collection. You can add all the ingredients in a recipe to your cart in just one click, and customize by removing ingredients you already have or substituting them with others you like best. You save money, and get meals that fit your preferences and budget perfectly. Jupiter also delivers in reusable bags, with less single-use packaging than most meal kit companies.

Are there any fees or charges to set up an account?

You do not have to pay to set up an account with us and there are no subscription or membership fees—ever.

How does Jupiter learn from my preferences?

It all starts with our onboarding questionnaire where we ask you a few questions about your specific needs & lifestyle.  Every week receive a smart shopping plan that you can review and update.Your edits gives us information about what you like and you can also actively help the app learn faster about your preferences and consumption by answering fun quizzes weekly.

What if I like to experiment with new recipes and products, and don't have the same shopping list every week?

Everyone is unique, and we love that! Jupiter is the most personalized grocery experience in the world, designed to help you however you like to shop. As we learn from your preferences over time, we’ll get better at surfacing new products and recipes we think you’ll love. You can customize any recipe and save new ones you discover from any website.

Can Jupiter help me reduce food waste?

Yes! With Jupiter, you get recipe recommendations that make the most of what’s already in your pantry & fridge based on previous purchases. You can also actively help the app learn about your inventory by answering fun quizzes. Our app also helps you decide the right amounts to buy. Every week receive a smart shopping plan that you can review and update.

What is your return/refund policy?

We are pleased to offer refunds for products that are defective or not as described. Our policy is valid for a period of 3 calendar days from the date of the delivery. If you would like to return the product for a refund during this period, you may do so provided the conditions have been met. Please note that if the period of 3 days has lapsed, we can’t, unfortunately, offer you a refund. Please refer to our Help Center for more details on this policy.